A Land Remembered

I think it is fair to say I come from a family of avid readers. Growing up, my family took great pleasure when I would read a book that they found intellectually significant, enriching, or meaningful. One such book which is a definite family favorite is “A Land Remembered” by Patrick D. Smith. What “Gone with The Wind” is to Georgia “A Land Remembered” is to Florida.  “A Land Remembered” recounts the history of one family through several generations in Florida.  It begins with the first generation, Florida pioneers simply trying to stay alive and stay out of the civil war and ends with the last generation which has amassed wealth and financial security but longs for the Florida of his child hood. Smith tells the tale using vivid description, authentic language, and even interlaces a great sense of humor in his tale. There are two versions of “A Land Remembered”. One is geared towards kids because the authentic version has a few racy scenes. This is a great book for anyone trying to teach or learn Florida history.