Having a Maypole Celebration

A lovely member of the church where my Girl Scout troop meets approached our troop to do the Maypole dance at an upcoming church event. I was initially hesitant because I had participated in two May Day celebrations in my teaching past. Our school had a very old tradition of having kindergartners dance the Maypole dance. It was rather stressful, and some kids no matter how often we practiced just couldn’t seem to master the “over and under” required to properly weave the Maypole. The event was always precious, mistakes and all. However, weaving a Maypole with older children is a completely different experience. We were so fortunate to have an amazingly patient teacher who truly was a master at teaching the Maypole. The girls loved hearing her recount her fond memories of weaving Maypoles as a child in northern Florida. If older people in your community have an inclination for the Maypole I highly recommend recruiting them. The girls really felt a sense of satisfaction when they peered up to see a woven perfection of ribbon on the top of the pole when they danced correctly. It was a rewarding journey considering our teacher wisely did not even let the girls use ribbon until the third practice. May Day celebrations are a beautiful celebration of the end of spring and are always memorable and picturesque.

May Polejpg