May Day Hair Adornments

When my daughter was in kindergarten her school hosted a beautiful May Day celebration. Parents of girls were encouraged to put a wreath of flowers on their daughter’s head. When the note came home I was so excited I immediately called our family florist and even discussed the colors in her dress.  The day before the May Day festivities I went and picked up a very beautiful wreath. My florist did not disappoint, the piece was absolutely beautiful. Like many things of great beauty it came with quite a price tag. Several years later when my Girl Scout troop was approached by the church that we meet at to perform the May pole dance I envisioned the lovely wreath once again adorning my daughter’s head. This time I decided to make my own. I was very happy with the result and was able to make it at a fraction of the cost of the first wreath in about a half an hour.


May Day Head Wreath