San Luis Mission State Park

Sometimes the unplanned, spur of the moment field trips turn out just as well as the ones so carefully planned. This field trip would definitely fall in that category. Our family went to visit our nephew and several very dear family friends in Tallahassee. One of the days we were there my husband and his friend went mountain biking leaving the kids and I to roam. One of our friends who grew up in Tallahassee recommended we visit San Luis Mission State Park. I am so glad we did. The park is full of history and period dressed individuals. They were eager to teach my children about the mission, and the native Americans who also called the park home at one time. The blacksmith was a definite favorite for my kids. Every child watching him was completely mesmerized. Besides being a beautiful park it is a wonderful way for children to learn Florida history through the ages from people who are passionate about the topic and are eager to share their knowledge with youngsters.


San Luis Mission