Viking Museum

The Vikings were truly remarkable and worth studying. Frequently we just think of them as barbaric warriors but they were far more complex. The Vikings were democratic and women even had rights in Viking society. It is believed they actually discovered America…sorry Christopher Columbus. Vikings also did not typically have horns on their helmets. The horned helmets were the product of a very creative costume designer from Wagner’s opera “Nibelungenlied”The Vikings have wonderful myths that children will enjoy.  We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Viking Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. Roskilde is an easy train ride from Copenhagen. It is a beautiful coastal town that makes a great day trip. The Viking Museum is just icing on the cake.IMG_0466





The museum has replica ships for children to explore. They are complete with replica clothing for dress up, tools, and all sorts of provisions for a sea journey.


These are some books we enjoyed reading before our trip. “Beorn the Proud” is for older children. The main character is kidnapped by the Vikings which could be scary for small children.

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