Gran Museo Del Mundo Maya

The Gran Museo Del Mundo Maya is an absolutely beautiful museum in Merida. The Museum is very large with an extensive collection of not only Mayan artifacts but dinosaur bones, geological exhibits, touch screen microscopes and “Maya Max” a beautiful large screen theater. The museum is temperature controlled due to the delicate nature of the collection. This is an added bonus for tourists looking for a break from the heat. We began our visit by watching an excellently done video on the Mayans.  We then toured the museum. My children particularly enjoyed viewing the dinosaur bones, meteorite exhibits, and in floor models of ancient Mayan cities. While we absolutely loved this museum I would not recommend it for very young children (preschoolers). The exhibits are for viewing and reading information. Many museums have included exhibits with hands on stations for young children. This is not one of those museums.   If your child is of elementary school age or older definitely check out this great museum.

Gran Museo Del Mundo Maya Website

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