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IMG_7084This is a project we did a long time ago.  It is one the kids still talk about and agree it was one of their favorites.  My two children loved the “Spiderwick Chronicles” by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.  It completely sparked their imaginations and had them searching for mystical creatures in our back yard.  The children decided they wanted to make field guides just like Arthur Spiderwick.  My two had been pouring over various Spiderwick Chronicle publications and wanted their field guides to be authentic.  We purchased artist notebooks to replicate the leather covers.  The kids wanted the guides to look old. Our solution was to paint each page with tea to give it an old weathered look.

It was amazing how after we started working on the field guides the kids were finding unique animals everywhere.  I will never forget when we were down in the Keys with friends, we we’re watching the sunset from a seawall.  The kids suddenly exclaimed “Mom, Dad look at these lobsters!” Because it was only one to two feet of water I was sure they were just seeing someones discards.  They were insistent that they were alive and moving.  Sure enough all these lobsters were just roaming around the rocks in shallow water.  Very lucky for them we had other dinner plans!


We found coloring books that had great illustrations and interesting facts about the animals, and birds that we added to the field guides.


My daughter reading “The Care and Feeding of Sprites” while visiting Grandparents in Maine.  You never know when you may need to care and feed a sprite.


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