Field Trip

The Virginia Creeper trail in Damascus, Virginia is a worth while trip for any family.  It is part of the rails to trails program.  They have converted old train tracks into a biking/hiking path.  The beautiful part of the Virginia Creeper trail is there is zero uphill.  You rarely even pedal.  You simply coast for miles.  On this trail you can’t help but sit a little taller and take pride in our beautiful country.  It displays “Americana” scenes at their best.  Red painted barns with rolls of hay, bubbling creeks, and quaint railway stations from yesteryear are all things you will see as you meander along the trail.  There are also small cafes where you can stop and have lunch.  We chose the Creeper Trail Cafe.  Everyone was happy with their burgers and fries.  To start your journey, unless you have brought your own bikes you will need to rent bikes.  We used Sundog Outfitters.  They give you a choice between mountain bikes or more leisurely bikes.  They are wonderful about guiding you to the right size bike and finding just right fit. For approximately twenty five dollars they will rent you a bike, hoist it on a trailer, and shuttle you for a half an hour ride to the top of the trail. From the point Sundog dropped us off we had about a sixteen mile journey.  Which may sound long, particularly for little legs but remember you simply coast.

Virginia creeper