Rewrite the Rules About Girls

I had to take my fare share of psychology classes when studying education in college. I’m glad, it’s fascinating to analyze people’s behavior.  I believe it is particularly important when working with children. We in no way want our teaching or parenting to encourage negative stereotypes.  I have seen several campaigns drawing attention to outdated stereotypes of girls.  Many of these campaigns have been championed by strong, intelligent women who are trying to change societies stereotypical perception of women.  I recently saw this video and thought it highlighted an interesting point.  It is sad that when girls hit puberty and need to have self esteem the most is when stereotypically many girl’s self esteem seems to tank.  I am glad companies are drawing attention to the stereotype.  I hear it a lot, and it really frustrates me.  Bringing it up for conversation directly is the way to “debunk” these stereotypes and  raise and educate strong, intelligent girls that will be the leaders of tomorrow.  While the instinct is to share this video with just girls, I believe it is equally important to share it with boys.  I shared this video with my daughter AND my son. Quite frankly, the conversation I had with my son was more in depth and enlightening than the conversation with my daughter.  My son had many examples of girls portrayed negatively and not as capable.





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