Time For Ice Cream


I taught third grade for many years.  Third grade and multiplication usually go hand in hand, depending on your math curriculum.  Many of my peers were surprised how effortlessly my third graders seemed to master multiplication .  The reason for this was ice cream.  I told my class that once every kid could multiply thru twelve we would have an ice cream party.  The beauty of this was the team work that evolved.  The child who had supportive parents who quizzed him/her every night started quizzing the child who didn’t have a parent who could practice with him or her at home.  The kids all supported each other and helped each other because they all wanted to reach that common goal of an ice cream party.   I always made a huge bulletin board, ice cream and scoops for each child.  The kids always took pride showing their parents their cone and scoops on the bulletin board. This system also works for parents at home.  I made the above chart for my children when they were learning to multiply and hung it in their bedrooms.  Summer is a great time to get a head start on multiplication or review multiplication from last year.   Ice cream makes for a yummy reward for a job well done in the heat of the summer.

multiplication icecream template final