kids school supplies_edited-1

Watercolor Pencils: These watercolor pencils are just great.  They allow kids to color large areas quickly.  Then with a little water and a paint brush it blends into  beautiful watercolor background.  We use them a lot for coloring maps.  Those oceans are big and these allow us to get them filled in quickly with out a scribble look.

Dog Stapler: Very cute and easy to identify as your stapler.

Fiskar Scissors: I admit I have bought cheaper scissors in the past and ended up completely regretting it.  Fiskar knows how to make great scissors!

Mechanical Pencils: My children at the moment like this brand of mechanical pencils.

Personalized Binder Covers: My daughter and I saw these and simply swooned.  We easily downloaded and printed them.  The download is inexpensive and easily purchased on etsy.

LL Bean Backpack: I love LL Bean backpacks.  My experience is that they last many years and are simply a classic.

Owl Memory Stick: They come in everything under the sun I thought this one was so cute.

Crayola 64 Wide Tip Markers: Wow, 64 colors! Where was this when I was a kid?  The more colors the better.

Erasable Colored Pencils: Mistakes happen it’s great that they have designed a colored pencil  set so that you can make corrections.

LL Bean Lunchbox: My son received one as a gift when he was in preschool. It started my love of LL Bean backpacks and lunch boxes.

Iron on Labels: Personalized iron on labels are super for everyone.  Teachers are always saying silent prayers of thanks when one of these stands out on the fifth navy blue sweater he/she has picked off the floor and no one will claim. Parents are thrilled because they do not have to replace quite so many things.  Children like them because when parents and teachers are happy it makes their world a lot happier.

Crayola 64 Skinny Markers:  64 colors what’s not to love?

Lego Pencil Sharpener:  If Lego wasn’t hot enough after this year’s Lego Movie this is sure to be a hit with your “master builder”.

Sharpie Highlighters: I really like the fact that these are retractable.

Crayola 50 Colored Pencil Set: My children love colored pencils. I am thrilled we have graduated from crayons and no longer live in fear that one has melted in my car.  It’s the down side of living in the “Sunshine State”.