I get just as excited about stocking up on school supplies as the kids.  I have always liked having a neat and organized desk to start the school year.  It of course also has to be filled with things I adore which usually means it has a lot of pink, preppy, and cute .  Here are some of my favorite office supplies for 2014.

teacher supplies_edited-1

Lilly Pulitzer battery charger: I found this at Swoozies and love it.  I’m a Girl Scout..”Be Prepared”!  Anyone with children always wants to have a charged cell phone.

Personalized Clip Board: I work with a clip board.  They are great when you are mobile and need to keep papers together and you need a solid surface to write on.

Washi Tape: Washi tape is one of those wonderful things that can spice up any drab and boring little thing.  My lesson plan book is so much more exciting since washi tape came on the scene.

Lilly Pulitzer Calculator: If I’m having to use a calculator to do math I want it to be cute.

Kate Spade Bow Push Pins: I love bows.

Pink Micron Pen: I use micron pens to write in my plan book.  I cram a lot in my plan book.  The fine tip allows you to write a lot in a small space.  I have converted many to micron pens.

Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips: BOWS, these paper clips are as cute as a button.  That Kate Spade comes up with the cutest stuff.

Le Pens: Le Pens are fantastic writing instruments.  I use pink Le Pens to write in my calendar.  Having a Le Pen in all these colors would be just wonderful.

Scratch and Sniff Stickers: I would go the academic mile for a scratch and sniff sticker when I was a kid.  Times haven’t changed that much.  I found even when I taught middle school the kids would get excited over scratch and sniff stickers.  At the beginning of the year I always load up on these guys for those extra special papers.

Clear Personalized Pencil Cup: Design Darling always has the cutest accents.

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: Hand sanitizer is a must in my book.  The stomach flu is my greatest fear!  It is the one ailment you can not work through and will seriously set you back.  For this reason I am a firm believer in hand sanitizer.  This is so much cuter than the regular bottle.

Jo Malone Candles: My younger cousin Laura turned me onto the world of Jo Malone.  The smells just take you to a lovely place.  My favorite scent at the moment is English Pear and Freesia.  It really is a little piece of fabulous. When the stomach virus makes its rounds around my town I plan to inhale my candle deeply.  Can you tell I really dislike stomach virus’?  I’m really disappointed the CDC hasn’t figured out how to eradicate them yet.

Personalized Note Pad: I can not resist these notepads from Swoozies.

Gold Shears: Normally, I am all about Fiskar scissors.  However, these gold Nate Berkus shears are going to look perfect with all the pink on my desk- yes please! Not to mention I’ve loved Nate Berkus since he was on Oprah.  I would truly be so ridiculously happy if he’d come decorate my house!

Lilly Pulitzer Pencils: Anyone who knows me knows this is a “no brainer”.

Assorted Sharpies: Sharpies are so useful.  They are probably one of my most used office supplies.