It’s a New School Year

It never hurts to drop your child’s teacher a little note and a small token gift.  It is frequently forgotten how much work many teacher’s put in over the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.  You can also be sure the week before school started was a non stop marathon for your child’s teacher.  A simple note saying that you are so thrilled for your child to be in that teacher’s class, or so happy your child will be playing on a certain coach’s sports team goes a long way.  It tells that individual that you care.  It also makes that person feel valued and creates enthusiasm for the upcoming year.

The other reason this is a good plan is your child.  Even a very social child can be nervous going into a new situation.  Having a little something to give creates a focus for the child and presents a conversation piece.  Good luck on the beginning of a new year.

First Day Gift Ideas


Staples Teacher Gift Certificate: I saw the funniest thing on facebook.  It said, “teaching: the only profession you steal office supplies from home to take to work”. TRUTH! For this reason a gift card to an office supply store will always be appreciated.

Amazon Gift Card: What can’t you buy on Amazon these days?

Personalized Apple Cup: Great for taking out to the playground.

Personalized Teacher Notepad: How Cute and useful.

Orchid: Orchids are inexpensively purchased at Home Depot.  You can spruce it up by putting it in a nice pot and covering the soil with deer moss from the dollar store.

Teaching Supplies Cake: I saw this on pinterest. If this came through my door I would simply swoon! A+ for effort! I would probably ask if this person’s mommy would like to be my room mom.

Starbucks Gift Card: Starbucks serves as many teacher’s life line that first week of school.  If you find out that your teacher isn’t a coffee drinker don’t loose heart he/she probably used it in a barter with the other seventy five percent of the school that is.