Leonardo Da Vinci Part 1

We were extremely fortunate to experience the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit twice.  We first visited the traveling exhibit at the Elliot Museum in Stuart, Florida.  Then we had the opportunity to visit the permanent exhibit in Florence, Italy.  If you have the ability, this exhibit is most definitely worth the visit.  It is so unique in the sense that it is completely hands on.  Children are able to turn handles and watch gears rotate.  They can look at Da Vinci’s sketches and attempt to build an arch using the same tools as he did.  They can climb in his ingenious “tank”, designed to protect soldiers while they advanced on their enemies.  Do not loose heart if you can’t jump on a plane and see the permanent exhibit in Italy and have to “settle” for the traveling exhibit.  I found the traveling exhibit to be better maintained and in better working order than the permanent exhibit in Florence.  In addition, the Elliot Museum had many wonderful volunteers that were eager to share their wealth of knowledge about Da Vinci and the machines on display with my children.  Not only did we learn so much from these amazing exhibits, …everyone had so much fun.

Leonardo Da Vinci

A Movie of my daughter using one of the machines: MVI_3412

Currently the Exhibit is touring Texas click here for details