Our Chore System


I really don’t think one chore system is better than another.  I think what is important is finding a system that works for your family.  You need to make sure you can realistically keep using it week after week.  This is our system.  There are some things we have to do simply to be allowed to live here.  For example brushing your teeth, keeping your room clean, and making your bed.  We have other household chores that translate into earning money.  The photograph above is one day of chores.  Monday, we concentrate on the kitchen so many of the chores are kitchen oriented.  I have each of the kids take turns picking a chore until non are left.  Washing the dog used to be a favorite.  Now no one wants to wash the poor dog and they have even offered to pay me to do it.  I check to make sure the chores have been done satisfactorily.  If I approve of the job they have done I initial their slip.  They then put the initialed slip in an envelope.  Each child has their own envelope and is completely in charge of keeping track of it.  At the end of the week the kids take the envelope with their initialed slips to their dad for payment.  We treat it very much like submitting an invoice.  If a slip is lost or the envelope is lost you don’t get paid.  The kids like the system and feel a sense of pride in earning their own money.  They are always excited to purchase gifts for my husband and I on holidays.  They also enjoy saving their hard earned money for special toys or electronics they want.