State Study: The Great State of South Carolina

We have been studying the United States.  We are taking our time, frequently studying states that we are visiting or driving through.  A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of stopping in Columbia the capital of South Carolina.  We drove past the state house, and drove around the lovely campus of the University of South Carolina. Last, but not least, my husband and I feasted on some shrimp and grits and quenched our thirst with some peach iced tea. The kiddos were very happy with their fried chicken and succotash.  We are from the South so southern food isn’t a big stretch for us but it is still fun to try old favorites in different places.  To celebrate our South Carolina visit we completed the South Carolina section of the state book we are putting together.  When it is completed I will be sure to blog it.  One book we have been having fun with is “Eat Your Way Through The USA” by Loree Pettit.  The book features favorite recipes from each of the fifty states. We completed all three recipes for South Carolina.  My son baked his very first cake solo.  It was a great recipe, incredibly moist.  My daughter baked dill squash bread – also, quite good.  And for the main course, we ate the author’s recommended savory chicken.  Stay tuned, for more state updates.


Eat Your Way Through The USA by Loree Pettit