Bismuth Crystals

bismuth crystalsCrystals seem to be a timeless classic.   No matter how often we grow crystals my kids are always excited.  When their friends come over they want crystals too.  That’s just regular salt or borax crystals…you can just imagine the excitement we had when we made bismuth crystals.  Bismuth crystals are beautiful.  They have a metallic, rainbow appearance that remind me of my treasured oily stickers from elementary school.  Bismuth can be tricky to find.  Rumor has it that it is frequently used as an alternative to lead fishing sinkers.  I  was a pretty determined shopper and was never able to find bismuth sinkers.  I found them online.  At that point I figured if I was dealing with shipping I would just get straight bismuth.  I would recommend getting a fair amount of bismuth so you can generate sizable crystals. These pictures really don’t do them justice.  In person they are very rainbow like.  There are many “how to” videos on you tube and directions on line.

This is the link to a very thorough video tutorial.  I really like how he used a ladle.  They can be purchased at the dollar store.

How to Make Bismuth Crystals


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