Character Analysis

HeadingIt is easy to plow through books with kids with out taking the time for character analysis.  Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is a wonderful story to study the different characters in a book.  Alcott portrays the four sisters in her famous tale so vividly and uniquely individual it is easy for children to develop Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy.   We began by discussing and brain storming all that we knew about the characters.  We discussed how the author described their physical appearance,  what their interests were, what their primary role in the story was, what were their challenges, and what did they accomplish in the story.  We then began to take what we knew to create dolls that would reflect the character.  For example, my daughter’s favorite character was Amy.  She knew that Amy loved blue, had blond hair and was an artist (notice the paint palette).  She also knew Amy loved to dress up so she designed a “fancy” dress for her doll.  This is a project that can easily and inexpensively be done in the classroom using scrap fabric, pipe cleaners, glue, markers, and craft hair.

1Begin by looping a pipe cleaner through a wooden bead.  We chose pipe cleaners that complimented our doll’s hair.

2Next, we strong the hair thru the pipe cleaner loop and gently pulled at the bottom of the pipe cleaner until the hair was flush with the wooden bead.


4We added arms by simply wrapping a pink pipe cleaner around the pipe cleaner we used to attach the hair.5With the help of a little Mac Pink Noveau lipstick our dolls cheeks became rosy.

6We used a second pink pipe cleaner to create legs.  We folded a piece of fabric in half so we would have a front and a back of the dress.  The dress was drawn on the fabric with a pencil then cut out.  We the glued the dress to our doll and glued other embellishments such as an apron, sash, and head to our dolls.  We drew faces on them using a fine tip markers.