Orchard House Needs Your Help!

Did you love “Little Women” as a child?  If you did please support this fundraising campaign to document the history of Orchard House.  I am so excited because Laura Sullivan read my post about our field trip to Orchard House. She sent an email to tell me about a very exciting project that is underway and asked for my help.   She and many others are working hard to make a documentary about Orchard House!  Orchard House is the home of Louisa May Alcott.  Believe it or not, a documentary about the home has never been made.  If you have never been to Orchard House trust me when I tell you it is something very special.  It is amazing to stand in front of Louisa May Alcott’s charming little desk and simply imagine her sitting there writing little women.  You cannot help feeling in awe as you stand in her father’s study where he conversed with some of our greatest American authors like Hawthorne, Thoreau, and Emerson.  Pulitzer Prize author John Matteson puts it well in the video when he says “the house has a soul”.   You get that feeling as you stroll from room to room.  This documentary is the first step in getting the word out about Orchard House.   Many people don’t even realize it exists and you can go visit it.  While I loved it, my daughter adored it!  Particularly for a young girl you can’t help but be inspired.  Please watch the video in this post.  It will give you a sneak peak inside the house.  I was so excited that this film captures some of the inside of Orchard House.  They do not allow you to photograph the home when you tour it hence why there are no pictures of the inside on my field trip post.  Even if it is only five dollars please help these dedicated individuals document this historical landmark.  I will definitely be making a donation.  Plus, this week on the blog we will be doing some Little Women inspired projects to help kick off the campaign.