State Study: North Carolina

North CarolinaWe are continuing our state study and have moved on to North Carolina.  We have really enjoyed studying North Carolina because we were just there at the beginning of the summer.   In June, my son’s Boy Scout troop went to Camp Daniel Boone.  My Aunt and Uncle had kindly given us an invitation to come visit them up in the mountains.  My daughter and I jumped at the opportunity to have a little “girls trip” while the males in our family were at summer camp.  We had so much fun!   The adventure of driving just the two of us,  listening to I Am Malala and Nancy Drew made the hours of the drive fly by.  Once we arrived, my Aunt and Uncle spoiled us beyond belief.  The Ritz Carlton would be challenged to compete with them.  I think our dog Lilly was slightly depressed when we left.  She had become very fond of getting up on all the furniture and getting loads of extra attention.

Studying North Carolina is a breeze whether you have just been there or not.  There are lots of things about North Carolina that really appeal to kids.  The Wright brothers could be studied for days.

At home we of course had one of our special celebration of North Carolina dinners.  We are loving the book Eat Your Way Through The USA by Loree Pettit.  She has great ideas and recipes to teach us all about the cuisine of each state.  My kids and my daughter’s friend were in a state of shock when they saw a bottle of Pepsi and a glass of ice at each of their places.  Soda is a treat reserved for vacations (usually foreign countries) and parties.  This was probably the first and last time they’d find it as the beverage du’jour at the dinner time.  The reason for this anomaly,  you may have guessed it, Pepsi was invented in North Carolina. This dinner was of course served on my treasured handwoven place mats from the Crossnore School. If you don’t have Crossnore woven place mats I highly recommend them. They are truly so high quality. They wash beautifully and last FOREVER!  I particularly like to use mine in the fall.  There is something very wholesome and rustic about them that I just love.  My mother and aunt still have sets from when I was a child and they are in great shape.  As an added bonus it is a charity, so if you are ever in the Crossnore area of N.C. swing by and get yourself some place mats and give hope to children in need.  Kids will enjoy watching all these great people weaving gorgeous fabric on these beautiful looms.  It definitely takes you back to “yesteryear Americana”.

The natural landscape of North Carolina is so pretty.  One of the highlights for me and my daughter was hiking in these beautiful areas with my aunt and her absolutely wonderful friends.  We had so much fun with these ladies.  Every inch of our hikes were filled with beautiful streams, plants, waterfalls, birds, and deer.  The hikes go by so quickly because there is so much to see.   There are many books that cover topics relevant to North Carolina’s natural habitat.  From the re-introduction of the red wolf, Appalachian mountains, birds, dear, plants the possibilities are endless.  The University of North Carolina has compiled a wonderful list classified by age of quality children’s literature about North Carolina. Enjoy visiting or studying this wonderful state.

I Wonder as I Wander by Gwenyth Swain

Soap! Soap! Don’t Forget the Soap! by Tom Birdseye

First Flight by George Shea

My Great Aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston

The Wondrous Whirligig by Andrew Glass

Red Wolf Country by Jonathan London

Rescue on the Outer Banks by Candice F. Ransom