Field Trip: Haunted Forest

haunted forest

We had so much fun this weekend.  It was busy but fun.   We went to a Haunted Forest put on by Order of the Arrow which is the Boy Scout honor society.  My son was volunteering so we couldn’t wait to go and check it out.   It was such a great event.  It was the perfect level of scary for our family. Ghouls and goblins followed us around briefly but never made us feel uncomfortable or annoyed.  Our ten year old laughed through a lot of it.  I knew we were safe when a zombie accidentally bumped into me and said, “excuse me mam, I am so sorry”.  You have to love an extremely polite Boy Scout Zombie.   The kids were so creative in what they designed and made.  You couldn’t help but get a little excited with each bend and turn to see what was jumping out next.