That Mom That Isn’t Bragging About Her Kids

I follow a great home school blog called “The Home Scholar” by Lee Binz.  She posted an article on her Facebook page  that I keep thinking about from the “Washington Post”. It really struck a chord with me. I have a middle schooler and a pre-teen.  We have some less than perfect days to say the least.  I have some groups of friends that I could never admit that earlier in the day my children had me questioning my degree in education and a whole host of other life decisions.  Then I have other groups of friends that console, give great advice, and when I leave them I know everything is going to be alright.  Parenting has become crazy competitive.  It is tragic in my opinion.  When we are competing with our fellow parents via our kids,  we are putting up an air of perfection that hinders us from sharing our fears, vulnerabilities, and day to day struggles as parents. Not to mention it traps kids into a persona that their parents have many times unrealistically fabricated.  What happens when the gymnastics star who was destined for the olympics decides at age ten that gymnastics no longer interests her? This article is a wonderful reminder to tread softly and show compassion and kindness toward our fellow parents.

Washington Post Article