IMG_8178It’s hard to imagine that a stomach virus in the middle of the holiday season sweeping though our home could result in absolutely anything beneficial.  It’s amazing how one little germ, so small could bring our whole house to its knees, but that’s pretty much what happened.  First, my son then myself and my daughter two days later on the same night!  Anyone who has tangled with a stomach virus knows its not a pretty process and the aftermath isn’t too pretty either.  There is always a silver lining!  We all slowed down and actually enjoyed all the stockings we so carefully hung with care.  I was quickly reminded what dear friends I have.  One cancelled and rescheduled a very long awaited, much anticipated girls night out until I could be a part of it.  Another showed up at my front door with the most delicious chicken noodle soup and a warm smile.  Sometimes bad things happen to remind us to appreciate the good.