grinch2finalThe boys in our family were off for a weekend in tents so my daughter and one of her dearest little friends and I indulged in a Grinch themed movie night!  We had so much fun.  The girls had so many green Grinchy snacks I kept waiting for them to turn Grinch Green themselves!  We started with mini green Grinch shakes.  I mixed green coloring with a little sugar and dipped the rim of their glasses in colored sugar.  I added the same coloring to make green milkshakes and topped it off with festive red and white straws.  The girls then made our Grinch ornaments to commemorate our fun night.  They turned out so cute and were so easy to make.  You simply pour green acrylic paint in a clear glass ornament and swirl it around.  The facial features were simply done with t-shirt paint.  Once they were dry we glued a little snip of a feathered green boa to the top which completely took them to the next level.  Next, we all loved watching the movie for 2014.  While watching the movie we of course couldn’t have normal popcorn when we could have green popcorn in heart shape bowls.  The Grinch’s heart was of course two sizes too small.  Last but not least we frosted oreos green and made Grinch oreos.  Such a very fun night with two great girls!