My two children love archery and I can’t recommend it enough for kids.  Our neighbor Steve is a champion archer and instilled a love of archery in my two children.  He is also their teacher.  He is truly one of the kindest, most patient people I know. Possibly the bravest as well considering the fact that his students are armed.    It started with a casual home school archery class and quickly evolved into purchasing bows and  joining the Fort Lauderdale Archery Club.  The club is a treasure.  It is woods in the middle of our city.  When I am there I am transported into nature.   The gentlemen who run the club are so wonderful.  They took the time to get to know my kids and always are there to lend a helping hand.  Whether it is Mr. Bill adjusting the bows,  Mr. Bob giving a helpful hint, or Mr. Jerry who lent my daughter a bow while she grew into hers.  When we  started archery I felt like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole. There is an entire world of archery that I had no idea even existed.  Mr. Jerry kindly let me borrow a two inch thick archery catalog.  I thumbed through the catalog with complete intrigue amazed by all the archery accessories.  Some of the merits of archery is that it is a life long sport, relatively inexpensive, it is good exercise, it helps children develop hand eye coordination,  focus, gross motor skills,  and fine motor skills.

My son shared this You Tube video with me.  I found it pretty amazing.  I also really appreciated the historical perspective of archery.