Field Trip: Cayo Costa State Park

Cayo Costa is with out a doubt a state of Florida treasure and one of my very favorite places to camp.  It is not the easiest, or cheapest but it has never disappointed our family.  Our pictures are always breathtaking and we never seem to run out of things to do or see on this very special island.  Cayo Costa is a state park that is only accessible by boat.  The ferry ride is around forty-two dollars for adults and thirty-two dollars for kids.  To camp at Cayo Costa it is twenty two dollars for tent camping and forty dollars for cabins.  We are all scouts and think of our tents as a second home.  Cayo Costa is one of the few places we actually prefer to rent a cabin.  While the tent sights are well groomed they are all right on top of each other.  At Cayo Costa we prefer the privacy that the cabins afford.  While the island is primitive the amenities are not.  The rangers kindly meet you at the dock and offer tram service to deliver your gear to your sight.  I always really appreciate this because we usually bring a large cooler packed with supplies because we usually stay for the entire weekend.  It is also necessary to bring your own wood if you are planning to make use of the fire pits for cooking or staying warm.  Be sure to ask the rangers about the wild boar on the island.  My son to this day remembers learning about wild boar on our very first visit many years ago.  If you enjoy geocaching make sure to bring some items to swap.  We had a great time on our last visit hiking through the oak hammocks in search for caches.  There is an old cemetery on the island which is fun to explore.  Shell, fish, star, and bird field guides would be very useful.  We also brought a magnifying glass to explore the amazing shells and sea whelk casing that can easily be found on the beach.  There are bathrooms and open air showers in walking distance from the camp areas.  The sunsets are beautiful beyond words.


cayo costa