Great Books for Teaching Your Child To Read

Today, someone asked me if I could recommend a book that would help her get her young child reading.  I get asked this a lot.  The truth is all kids learn differently,  so there isn’t one “silver bullet” book that is guaranteed to get a child reading.  With that said, there are two books that I think are worth mentioning.  The first is thrown around in home school and mommy circles all the time.  It is extremely easy to use by people with out a teaching background.  It is well thought out.  Many people I know have had success with it.  The most recent printing has a new cover. I have included images of both so you don’t wonder if you have the right book.

teach your child to read2 teach your child to read


The other book that I recommend is a little more off the beaten path.  It is entitled “Recipe to Read” by Frances Bloom and Nina Traub.  Like “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” it is easy to follow and execute the lessons.  The cover indicates the book is for struggling readers.  I think this is a great book regardless of whether your child is struggling or you are simply teaching your child to read.  The strategies are creative and enjoyable for many kids.

recipe for reading