Crave: Fort Myers


I have been wanting to take a field trip to Fort Myers for quite some time.  I remembered enjoying the Edison Museum as a kid and couldn’t wait to share it with my kids.  I am so glad we finally made the jump. It did not disappoint. We had so much fun, I can’t wait to go back.  Lucky for us, Fort Myers is a simple drive across the state of Florida for us.  You drive on a scenic road entitled “Alligator Alley”.  Alligator Alley takes you through the everglades. It is common to see gators, birds, and turtles sunning along the banks of the swamp.  I am always reminded of the beauty of my home state when driving on alligator alley.  We had a later start than we had planned.  After the two hour drive we arrived right at lunch time.  I quickly consulted trip adviser and decided on the restaurant, “Crave”. Wow! It was amazing.  It is a close drive to the Thomas Edison House, which was the primary reason for the trip to Ft. Myers.  Crave is small and quaint.  Our server was extremely helpful and friendly. The food was creative, fresh, and delicious. There were five of us and we all loved our individual dishes. It pleased the adults as well as the kids which is not an easy feat. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on our field trip to Fort Myers, Florida.