Map Work

titleMaking topographic maps with kids is a lot of fun and educational.  All you need is a bag of celluclay, acrylic paint, high gloss polyurethane spray,  a piece of thick card board, and resin if you want a glassy water effect.  IMG_8230In a bowl slowly add water to the celluclay until it is the consistency of pizza dough.  Shape your map.  Make sure your mountain ranges are at the right height.  Wait at least 24 hours for the celluclay to dry.  Once it is firm and no longer damp paint your map using acrylic paint.

IMG_8231If you want to make your map fancy you can cover your bodies of water with clear epoxy to create a glassy water effect.

IMG_8272Once your map is completely dry use several coats of high gloss polyurethane spray paint to give it a shiny finish.