FREE American Girl Doll Club

American Girl Doll ClubMy daughter and her American Girl Doll “Emma Clara” have thoroughly enjoyed the Currclick American Girl Doll Club.  It is hard to imagine in this day and age, but it is free!  Each month the participants read a different American Girl book.  A supply list is sent to participants in advance of the club’s meeting.  Usually, the club moderator does a craft and food activity to accompany each book.  Loretta Rhodes and her adult daughter Erin guide the girls through an hour discussion of the book and present additional relevant information that really brings the book to life and helps the girls to better understand the time period.  When they read “Rebecca and the Movies” they played clips of  silent black and white films. It was hard for my daughter to imagine movies with out color or sound,  The club meets at several different times to accommodate the busy home-schooled child.  If you already have a currclick account registration is just a click away.  If you do not have an account creating one is very simple.  Enjoy this fantastic offering.