memorial dayIt is so important to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day.  Freedom is most definitely not free.  Now that our children are older, we really wanted them to take a little time to remember those who gave their lives for our country.  We decided to ride our bikes to a cemetery near our home that has a veteran garden.  We gave each of the kids seventy five pennies.  They walked from grave to grave placing their pennies on the graves of those men and women who served our country.  In case you are not familiar with “pennies on gravestones” it is an old custom meant as a way to pay respects to the person’s family.  Frequently, in cemeteries that pay tribute to servicemen the money is collected and used for flag upkeep.  I highly recommend this activity.  By the children placing pennies they took the time to read the markers.  Many of  the markers denoted the wars the person fought in and the division of the military they had served in.  The kids commented on what they were reading, and even noted one individual who had served in three wars.

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