Artist Study: Frida Kahlo

frida museumWe were very excited when we learned that the Nova Southeastern University Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale would be showing a traveling Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera Exhibit.  Last spring we traveled to the Yucatan for a family wedding.  While my husband had been before it was the kids and my first time in Mexico.  We fell head over heals in love and can not wait to return.  It made us all the more excited about the Rivera/Kahlo exhibit because there art work captures the essence of this country we are so enamored with. To celebrate these two famous artists works coming to our town we went right to studying their lives and works so we would be prepared and get the most out of the exhibit.  If you are not familiar with Kahlo and Rivera be for warned they led very colorful lives.  They had an open marriage, believed in communism, were divorced, and remarried just to name a few colorful elements.  Considering the nature of their lives I would definitely reserve studying them with older children.  With that said, we absolutely loved studying Kahlo.  We read book after book and watched several documentaries.  We never were bored.  Her life was as colorful as her paintings.


frida k

These are some of the books we read and really enjoyed.


Me, Frida

Frida Kahlo The Artist Who Painted Herself by Frieda Fry

Frida by Jonah Winter

Frida Kahlo by Mike Venezia

Frida Kahlo by Deborah Kent