Becoming A Junior Ranger


junior rangerMillions of visitors will head to this great nation’s national parks this summer, including us!  If you are traveling to a national park make sure to see if they are participating in the “Junior Ranger’s Program”.  Kids will need to complete an informative workbook.  The number of activities depends on the child’s age. I highly recommend downloading, printing, and completing the work book before going to the park.  The kids then meet with a park ranger to learn and share what they have learned from their workbook.  Once they have completed all the requirements they are sworn in as “Junior Park Rangers” for that national park and receive a badge.

Acadia National Park is very close to my parent’s home in Maine.  We are fortunate that we hike in Acadia every summer and truly love it.  This is a picture of my son, daughter, niece, and nephew being sworn in as Junior Rangers for Acadia National Park at the Dorr Museum.  If you are in Maine, the Dorr Museum does a phenomenal job facilitating the Junior Ranger’s program.  They are great about providing hands on learning experiences and really bringing the park’s residents to life.