Field Trip: Dorr Museum, Bar Harbor

The Dorr Museum is small but wonderful.  The museum curators really put thought into making it appealing for children.  We were able to fully experience the museum in one hour.  It is a short distance from Acadia National Park and participates in the Acadia Junior Ranger Program.  See my earlier post here for details on the Acadia Junior Ranger Program.  The ranger who led the program the day we visited was super.  She was engaging, informative, and great with the kids.  The museum has many cases of taxidermied animals.  This completely fascinated the kids.  Children throughout the room stood mesmerized peering at the animals in their glass cases.  They also have whale skeletons which were really interesting to look at.  The highlight is a touch tank which the ranger used to educate the kids on the local tidal pools.  After visiting Dorr Museum, a whole new world opened to my daughter down on the beach.  They were no longer “just shells”.  She took me down to the beach and pointed out and identified all the different little animals she had learned about at the Museum.  I have been on several Junior Ranger tours and Dorr Museum’s was one of the very best.