Field Trip: Going to the Drive-In

jurasic2My kids had been begging to go see “Jurassic World”.   I’m still working through the toilet scene from “Jurassic Park” and was less than enthused.  To my surprise, I really enjoyed this movie and found it less scary than its predecessor.  What’s more we went to our local drive-in to see “Jurassic World”.  Drive-ins can be great fun and have some advantages over today’s typical movie theater.  Lets start with cost.  I am always in shock of how much it costs to take a few kids to the movies.  By the time you purchase the tickets and hit the concession stand it is a pretty costly proposition.  I’m not even mentioning the new high end theaters like I-Pic…yikes! Most drive-ins are rather affordable.  Food for a drive-in can be really fun.  You can have an entire picnic at the drive-in.  Personally, I loaded up an assortment of boxed movie theater candy which can be purchased at your local drugstore, grocery, Walmart, or Target.  My assortment of boxed candy received a lot of excitement from the kids.  It was a really fun inexpensive way to jazz up the event.  If you have an infant the drive-in is very friendly.  Toddlers can crawl around the back of the car and play with their own toys and fall asleep when they get tired.  If you are lucky enough to have a drive in where you live it is definitely worth visiting.