Field Trip: The Boston Freedom Trail

freedom trailWhen the kids were small we walked the Boston Freedom Trail.  It was an epic fail.  My husband and I would dutifully stop and read the plaques and briefly try to explain the historical significance. Before long we had disgruntled children and weary parents who were simply trying to keep their kids from being hit by a car.  It is important to realize that the freedom trail is in the heart of downtown Boston. It is a brick line that meanders past historic sights.  Like all big cities there is heavy traffic.  For this reason it is my opinion the freedom trail be reserved for older children.  I now know the key to the Freedom Trail is a great tour guide.

I did my homework on Trip Advisor and settled on the tour company Lessons on Liberty.  They did not disappoint.  Our tour guide, Michael Szkolka is a college history professor at Quincy College.  It was far from the ho hum average tour.  His knowledge is extensive.  He dove into historical myths, social and cultural customs, in depth analysis of historical events based on research of actual documents and first hand accounts,  and  funny insights to the city of Boston.  In addition to pointing out iconic sights on the trail he also showed us things a little off the beaten bath that most tourists miss.  For example, he showed us the location of Boston’s original water source.  We learned so much from this gentleman.   If you are in Boston this 90 minute walking tour is worth your time.