Kids In the Kitchen: Making Beef Jerky


We have been studying explorers.  We found the Franklin expedition particularly interesting (see previous post).  When reading the tales of all these explorers you naturally read about the trials and tribulations with their food.  They had to bring items that could last as long as possible.  Beef jerky, hardtack, and salted fish were all common on these oversea voyages.  In conjunction with our studies we decided to attempt beef jerky. We were quite happy with our results.

jerky ing

1) Freeze the flank steak.  When it is firm, cut the steak into thin slices

DSC_11162) Mix all the ingredients in a ziplock bag and marinate overnight.

DSC_11263) Place jerky on food dehydrator racks.  Dry the jerky. If you do not have a food dehydrator check out the extremely creative food dehydrator constructed by Alton Brown.

DSC_1128How to make your own dehydrator relatively cheap with Alton Brown.