Making Latin Fun

pool latinWe started school last week.  In Florida it still very much felt like summer.  The kids really enjoyed this fun Latin lesson.  I did not study Latin in school.  I researched different Latin curriculum s  and settled on Cheryl Lowe’s Latin curriculum offered by Memoria Press.

latin 1I have been happy with this curriculum.  It is very easy to understand and use.   We typically watch the lesson on the DVD each week and do the corresponding student workbook.   The curriculum is the same format each week.  The kids  sometimes get a little bored with it so I try to alternate fun activities with their weekly lesson.  For this reason I chose to move this weeks Latin lesson to the pool.  A big part of Latin is memorizing the vocabulary.  I used my red sparkly nail polish and painted the weekly Latin vocabulary words on landscaping rocks.  Once they were dry I dropped them in the pool.  I gave each of the kids a word in English and had them dive to the bottom  and search until they found the rock with the word in Latin.

DSC_1255Down below searching for the right rock.