Playing the Card Game Spoons

spoonsWe had a great weekend. My son is currently working on a community conservation project. There will be more on this later, stay tuned.  After a weekend of hard work we wanted some low key family time. We decided to close our weekend Sunday night with a friendly game of cards.  We quickly googled card games and settled on a game called “spoons”.  Our family is slightly competitive.  At one point a spoon fell on the floor. My eleven year old dove on my lap to retrieve the spoon.  This of course had us all in fits of laughter.  If your family has quick responses and a competitive streak like mine, consider carefully where you choose to play this game. My kitchen table took a little bit of a beating and will probably need to be refinished a little sooner than I had planned.  There are several different versions of spoons.  The following you tube video we found helpful.