Pumpkin Chemistry

pumpkin chemistryThis is a great easy to do experiment that is sure to get some oohh’s and aahh’s. Unfortunately, the green in the flame didn’t come out well in my photographs.  The problem is the photographer not the experiment.  This experiment couldn’t be more simple.  With that said an adult should always be present. The weed killer is toxic and there is fire involved.  You generously sprinkle Zep root killer in the inside of your pumpkin. Zep can be purchased in the plumbing section of Home Depot or Lowes.  Next, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol in the bottom of your pumpkin.  Use a long reach lighting torch to light the inside.  Bright, green flames will emerge.  The alcohol serves as the fuel, and the copper sulfate in the weed killer emits a green colored flame.