Thanksgiving Keepsake

thanksgiving table runnerThis table runner is one of my very favorite Thanksgiving decorations. As my children’s hands get bigger with each year this keepsake becomes more and more precious to me.  I bought fabric at Joann’s that has the look and feel of natural linen.  I sewed olive bias tape around the edges with my sewing machine.  I painted the kids hands with acrylic paint to create Pilgrims, Indians, turkeys, and the Mayflower. Pay close attention to which fingers you should and shouldn’t paint to create the various images.

DSC_1459Paint the child’s palm with skin toned paint to create the little pilgrim girl. I added hair and hat later with a paint brush. I used sharpie markers for the facial features.

DSC_1461Paint the palm with flesh colored paint and all fingers except the thumb with black paint to create this precious little Pilgrim boy. When you make the print keep the child’s fingers together.

DSC_1463Paint four fingers in different colored paint for the feathers excluding the thumb. Once again, the palm is painted with flesh tone to create the face. The hair, facial features, and feather detail was added afterward for our cute Indian brave. Have your child spread out their fingers when you make the print.

DSC_1462Here is our Indian girl. I added eyelashes to make her different from the brave. Be sure to let your child write their name and the year on your table runner.

DSC_1460The Mayflower is super easy. It is just a single color hand print. You add all the detail after the paint dries. Our rock is a simple thumb print.

DSC_1464Mr. Turkey is the thumb and palm painted brown and the other four fingers in various colors.