Earthworm Dissection

I always stress out before undertaking dissection.  After we are finished the kids learning and curiosity makes it worth the effort.  The most useful tools for dissection are a really good dissection kit, quality specimens, and YouTube videos.

DSC_1454 DSC_1455One way I saved a little money was on dissection trays.  Earthworms are so small I used floral foam from the dollar store. Another great part about dissecting earthworms is they come in a pack of ten which allowed me to demonstrate.

DSC_1460Me demonstrating to the kids.  That first incision is always the most difficult for me. I always have flashbacks to the movie “Alien” and think something is going to jump out at me.

DSC_1463My son examining his specimen.

DSC_1465My daughter is always super apprehensive. Once her specimen is splayed she loves to explore.  I usually keep my laptop handy. She asks the best questions along the way.

DSC_1466DSC_1469I love our dissection kit. It was a wonderful investment. Ebay is a great place to check for dissection kits.

This was a great instructional video that I found to be really helpful.