Kids In The Kitchen: Thin Mint Frozen Hot Chocolate

thin mint frozen hot chocolateGirl Scout cookies go on sale tomorrow in our area.  My daughter is so excited to get out there and sell.  Needless to say our guest room is floor to ceiling cookies.  We decided to get a little experimental in the kitchen with some of our Girl Scout cookies and stumbled on a winner, thin mint frozen hot chocolate.


1 box of Girl Scout thin mint cookies

2 tsp. hot chocolate mix (we used Swiss Miss)

3 oz. quality chocolate cut into pieces (we used Ghiradelli’s)

1 1/2 Tbs. sugar

1 1/2  cups milk

3 cups ice

whipped cream for garnish


1) Using medium heat melt chocolate bits in a double broiler.

2)While the chocolate is melting put milk, hot chocolate mix, and sugar in the blender.

3)Once the chocolate has completely melted add it to the blender and process.

4)Next, add the ice and blend. Now add thin mint cookies to taste and blend.  Pour into glasses and garnish with whipped cream.