Lab Time: Protozoa

DSC_1663Friday is lab day in our house.  This past Friday we studied those fabulous single cell organism also known as protozoa.  We had such a fun time looking at amoebas, paramecium, and euglena under the microscope.  I have linked slides for purchase in case you don’t happen to have amoeba, paramecium, and euglena slides sitting around your house. Or in my case, you simply can’t find your euglena slide anywhere.  You can also create your own slides. Euglena is usually found in pond water.  Make sure when the kids are looking at the slides you discuss with them the characteristics which help you distinguish one from the another. For example, euglena have a flagellum. A flagellum is the whip like tail. Paramecium have cilia. Those are the little hairs all around the edges. You may want to give your student a labeled sheet of each organism so they can identify their parts as they are looking at them through the microscope. (euglena sheet, paramecium sheet, amoeba sheet) I have also attached these great youtube vidoes of these little guys. Once your child knows what makes each organism different it is fun to cover the labels on the slides and have the kids figure out which is which.

Paramecium Video

Euglena Video