National Bird Day – Burrowing Owls

Sleepy FBO - Award WinnerToday is National Bird Day. It is the perfect time to write about a bird that is near and dear to this family’s heart, the burrowing owl.  My son has always loved owls.  When it came time for him to choose an eagle scout project he contacted the Florida Audubon Society to inquire about what he could do to help Florida’s owl population.  After speaking with Audubon’s biologist they decided he would be most useful creating burrows and protective fencing for these little guys.  Sadly, an expansion of our airport caused the destruction of the largest colony in the south east. This action left a lot of owls in need of a new home.  Burrowing owls are so cool. They all have very unique personalities. They also have eyes that can range in color. Some have brown eyes others have yellow. When they feel threatened some will hiss like a cat and stand very tall.  The males decorate the entrance of the burrows with scraps of trash.

DSC_1304My son relaxing next to one of the artificial burrows.

DSC_1390Our Boy Scout working on some fencing to protect a natural burrow.

If you want to learn more about these wonderful birds check out the “Project Perch” website and owl cam.

hootBurrowing owls captured New York Times best selling author Carl Hiaasen heart in his novel “Hoot”.  This book is a great way for kids to learn about the negative consequence development has on wildlife.  Jimmy Buffett liked it so much he had it made into a movie.