Field Trip: Peace River

I posted a few weeks ago on our face book page a picture of the kids on our back porch amid a small building project. They were making fossil screens for our Peace River field trip. If you have never heard about the Peace River it is a kid favorite located in Central Florida. The reason it is so popular with kids is its lure of finding shark teeth and other fossils. In case you are considering a trip to the Peace River we used The Canoe Outpost as our outfitter. They were great. They have a campground that we camped at Friday night. One thing to note, they do not open the first night camp site until 7PM. This means depending what time of year you are going you might be pitching your tent in the dark that first night. The next morning we took down camp and headed to the outfitter. For five dollars a person they will deliver your gear to your campsite so you don’t have to paddle with it in your canoe. We completely did this. There is nothing worse than a wet tent if your canoe or kayak tips. The outfitter transports you upstream in buses. Then you work your way down stream. Along the way there are some pretty epic rope swings that my kids loved. You will see all types of wildlife. Then of course kids will want to try their hand at fossilizing.  It’s as simple as dumping shovels of the river bottom on your fossil screen and sifting. If you put some effort in it’s pretty easy to find shark teeth. My husband and I are pretty amazed there are still shark teeth to be found. Florida kids have been combing the Peace River for shark’s teeth since well before we were kids. None the less they are very much still there. Before we hid the road we ate at the Magnolia Street Grill. It was yummy. Here is a link to their website Magnolia Street Grill. I made a little video of our field trip to the Peace River.

The University of Florida Museum of Natural History is a great resource and a wonderful place to explore fossils found in Florida.

This is a fun video showing the assembly of a mastodon skeleton at the University of Florida.