Field Trip: Montreal Biodome

biodomeWhen we arrived in Quebec we asked the kids what they would like to see and do in Canada. My daughter’s request was to eat some really good macarons. She jumped on her i pad and before long settled on Maison Smith. My son’s big Canada quest was to see a beaver. He loves beavers. They are the lego builders of the animal world. Like my daughter he hit his i pad. No luck… So my husband and I got on our laptops. We learned that beavers are nocturnal and some what tricky to see in the wild. Luckily for my son he saw a beaver in the wild in action while running a 5 K in Michigan. That chance encounter was what sparked his interest. Not easily detoured, I finally found that the Montreal Biodome had beavers. So the biodome it was. My husband and I were luke warm about visiting the biodome. All four of us absolutely loved it. The exhibits were engaging. It wasn’t very large which was great for us. We wanted to see a lot of Montreal and had a very short window to do it. We spent roughly two hours at the biodome which was perfect. Yes, my son saw his beaver. Luckily for us they have a beaver den cam. Both the biodome’s beavers were sound asleep when we arrived. Luckily, one of the beavers woke up (I willed it to happen) and decided to get working. bio