Field Trip: Stranahan House

dsc_2312Today we had to scurry to finish our school work because we had a field trip in the afternoon. We visited the Historic Stranahan House in our home town of Fort Lauderdale. I thought everyone in our family had been there. My daughter informed me that everyone had been except for her. I was more than happy to remedy that. Stranahan House started as a trading post and eventually became home to one of Fort Lauderdale’s early pioneer families the Stranahans. Ivy Stranahan was Fort Lauderdale’s first school teacher. The Stranahan’s were one of the few pioneer families that treated the Seminole’s with fairness and respect. Besides vintage antique the house has some beautiful Seminole patchwork. They also have the china set given as a wedding gift to the Stranahans by Henry Flagler. I would give yourself two hours to visit Stranahan House. The docents are very informative. The view of the New River is lovely.


Seminole patchwork is so beautiful.