Field Trip:NOAA

noaaA great mom in one of the home school groups I belong¬† put together this fantastic field trip to the National Weather Service today in Miami. It was particularly timely considering we just dodged a category 4 storm “Hurricane Matthew”.¬† In thematic form we had terrible weather driving down to Miami but miraculously managed to only be ten minutes late….phew. It turned out to be an absolutely phenomenal field trip. I am so relieved we didn’t miss anything. The building itself is even fascinating. It is a hurricane bunker, built to withstand a very serious storm. We learned all about hurricanes, how they track the storms, how they collect information from the storms, how they distribute information to the media, what meteorologists study in college, how much their starting salary typically is, all about weather balloons and so much more.

One of the highlights for my kids was speaking with one of the meteorologists that use to go in the planes that record information about the storms. They were fascinated by his recount of what it is like to fly through a hurricane. He showed them the device that the meteorologists  drop in the storm from the air to collect data. He showed them some video from one of his trips. He had models in his office of the planes. He told them the tale of how the first plane flew through a hurricane.

If you have the opportunity to visit NOAA I would highly recommend it. It was fascinating for the kids and the parents. It is a true educational field trip. In usual form when we arrived home I had the kids write what they learned. I was very happy with their take away from our excursion.