The Picture Says It All

dsc_2423The angel on the top of my Christmas tree spoke volumes about not only my holiday season but the entire fall for me and my family. Normally, a tipsy angel would be something I would correct immediately. I am a little ocd and this would seriously bother me. This year I didn’t have time. I just hit the ground running and tried to survive the holidays. We had an event everyday. Many of which we were hosting. All these events were good things….even wonderful things. However, when you put it all together it was too much. By the end of the whirl wind everyone in my house had been sick except my husband. By some miracle he was able to dodge what the rest of us had. I have been trying to make sense of what happened, what I would change and do differently next year. When you only remember sitting in front of your Christmas tree one night you know there needs to be changes for next year.

New Years represents a time for reflection and growth for me. In scouting we call it “thorns and roses”. It is a time to reflect on those things we did right and those things we did wrong and how to make the most of the upcoming year. My goals for 2017 are pretty simple. I told the kids in 2017 I want us to ask ourselves is this fun? We have done a lot of things that we should do. We have a lot of things we have to do in 2017 that might not be super fun. So in the little window of time that we have free what is fun, and what brings happiness? It sounds pretty basic but I think we overlook this a lot in my house. My husband shared with me a concept that a friend of his had read in a book. The book is on my list to read in 2017. The concept is when you look at your engagements ask yourself “would I pay $100 dollars to do this?” If the answer is “no” maybe you shouldn’t have that engagement. While this isn’t always practical or realistic it definitely gets you thinking and reevaluating your priorities. I hope everyone’s first week of 2017 has been great. I hope everyone has a lot of fun in 2017.